Russ Hall


“Legacy’s mission has opened a dialog with many of the best venture firms on the planet. I believe they are inspired by the opportunity to see their good work provide rocket fuel for great philanthropy.”

Russ Hall co-founded Legacy Venture in 1999. His background in venture capital, venture-backed start-ups, strategy and financial management have all prepared him well for the challenge of starting and growing Legacy.

Russ began his venture career in 1987 at the venture capital firm Merrill Pickard Anderson & Eyre. As an operator, he was Vice President of Marketing for the venture-backed start-up Logic Modeling, and Director of Sales at another venture backed start-up, Silicon Solutions. Russ was Senior Vice President for R. Eliot King & Associates, a boutique money management firm, and earlier in his career, he was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. He also rose to the rank of captain in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, serving in Hawaii, Korea, Chicago, and the Pentagon.

In addition to his leadership at Legacy Venture, Russ has served on the board of The Gathering and The Philanthropic Workshop. These are two active networks of philanthropists who share skills, commitment, and imagination to help solve major social and environmental challenges.

Russ earned an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he graduated as an Arjay Miller Scholar. He also earned a master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He and his wife, Debbie, have one daughter.