Human Trafficking in San Francisco

In February, Emily Scott hosted fellow Legacy members in her home for a conversation around Legacy Member JaMel Perkins’ multi-stakeholder initiative to end child sex trafficking in San Francisco. JaMel and her “Freedom FWD” Co-Founder, Natasha Dolby, shared openly with us about their experience with this project and the lessons learned. A few key takeaways from the lessons shared:

  • The Freedom FWD idea came as a solution to fill the void after Sage, a survivor-led organization aimed at addressing this issue in San Francisco, abruptly folded after having been in operation since 1992
  • The five primary road blocks JaMel and Natasha have identified are:
    • Difficulty in identifying victims
    • Challenges in data collection and sharing due to privacy concerns and HIPAA compliance
    • Complexity in bureaucratic institutions and the challenges in working with them
    • Social norms that enable adults to buy youth for sex
    • Racial, social and economic inequalities
  • Vison for the first three years:
    • Strengthen frontline organizations
    • Collaborations within the space
    • Identify and close gaps
  • Important next steps:
    • Amplifying survivors’ voices
    • Leveraging technology
    • Parent/Caregiver Toolkit
    • Strengthening frontline organizations through workshops, storytelling
    • Providing meeting places and convenings to increase collaboration
  • Part of the solution involves unlocking San Francisco residents’ awareness of this issue—media connections are an important tool for scaling and making systemic impact

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