About Us

Founded in 1999, Legacy Venture manages commitments from over 600 investors as a venture capital fund of funds. Legacy investors, represented by entrepreneurs, corporate executives, select foundations, and philanthropic leaders, direct all returns, both principal and gains, to charitable organizations of their choice. Thus far, they have directed over $2 billion of Legacy distributions to causes they support.

Legacy Venture taps into the best of venture capital with a simple, yet innovative, model by managing a series of fund of funds. We strategically invest in highly sought-after early-stage venture capital firms, who provide funding and support to thousands of promising startups. These startups have included Airbnb, Crowdstrike, Kuaishou, Netflix, Peloton, PinDuoDuo, Pinterest, Slack, Stripe, Twitter, VIPShop, and Zulily. The venture firms making these investments are often highly sought after and, in many cases, are not accessible to new investors. Legacy has gained access to these venture funds by virtue of its philanthropic mission and its well-connected management team.