Daniel Lurie

CEO + Founder, Tipping Point Community

Daniel Lurie is CEO + Founder of Tipping Point Community. Since 2005, Tipping Point has raised more than $150 million and helped put 23,000 people on the path out of poverty in the last year alone. Their Board covers 100% of our operating costs, so every dollar donated goes where it’s needed most. Before founding Tipping Point, Daniel worked for the Bill Bradley Presidential Campaign and the Robin Hood Foundation in New York City. Daniel’s fourth day at Robin Hood was September 11th, 2001. Over the course of the next two years, he witnessed the organization’s ability to lift up the city through its focused philanthropic work. In 2003, Daniel returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to complete graduate school. While there, he worked to adapt Robin Hood’s model to fit his home region and Tipping Point Community was born. Daniel has earned a BA in Political Science from Duke University and received his Master’s in Public Policy from the Goldman School at UC Berkeley. Daniel serves on the Board of Directors for the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund, and the Levi Strauss Foundation and was Chair of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee in 2016, which raised $13 million for community efforts, the largest contribution in Super Bowl history.