About Us

Founded in 1999, Legacy aggregates over $1.5 billion from over 500 investors who intend that all returns, both principal and gains, will be used for their individual philanthropic interests. Thus Legacy investors leverage venture returns to make an even more significant impact for good in the world.

Legacy Venture manages a series of fund-of-funds. We invest in a select group of premier venture capital firms who in turn invest in companies that have included Facebook, LendingClub, Fitbit, YouTube, Skype, Xiaomi, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Airbnb. These venture firms are often highly sought after and in many cases are not accessible to new investors. Legacy has gained access to these venture funds by virtue of its philanthropic mission and its well-connected management team.



Meet The Team

Legacy Venture’s executive team is comprised of seasoned leaders in venture capital, finance and philanthropy who have more than 50 years of combined experience in the field. Their deep insights and personal networks are a key part of what makes Legacy Venture attractive to such elite and successful funds, and what empower our investors to strive to maximize their philanthropy.

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  • Alan-600x600
    Alan MartyPartner
  • anna2-600x600
    Anna KelleyExecutive Assistant
  • ben2-600x600
    Ben ChoiPartner
  • Chris-600x600
    Chris EyrePartner Emeritus
  • denise2-600x600
    Denise ChilowDirector of Community
  • Jessie-600x600
    Jessie Jia GuoSenior Investment Associate
  • jing-600x600
    Jing ZouFinance Team
  • kaitlyn2-600x600
    Kaitlyn MoralesFinance Team
  • Kelli-600x600
    Kelli CullinanePartner & CFO
  • lynn-600x600
    Lynn NomaFinance Team
  • maddie-600x600
    Maddie VannCommunity Team
  • marian2-600x600
    Marian GarvinController
  • melissa-600x600
    Melissa SchmidtExecutive Assistant
  • Russ-600x600
    Russ HallPartner

A Community of Innovative Philanthropists

Based in Silicon Valley, and global in reach, Legacy is honored to support the philanthropy of over 500 investors in the existing Legacy funds. Among our investors are founders, CEOs and senior executives from prominent technology companies, including Apple, Facebook, eBay, Pinterest, Google, Yahoo, Cisco and Amazon, as well as private equity, real estate, hedge and venture firm executives. Those individual philanthropists are joined by a select group of private foundations, community foundations, and a few nonprofit organizations. Legacy connects investors with each other, encouraging them to share ideas, insights and expertise that amplify their impact.

The following gallery illustrates some of the organizations that have benefited from our community’s generous philanthropy.

Legacy Venture is unique in the exposure it gives philanthropists to innovative ideas and models that can help us shape new ways of tackling problems, and as importantly, a community of people to learn from.